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Redefine your Workspace with Glass Partitions in Dubai

Glass partitions are the latest trend in interior applications that is used to separate or divide spaces throughout a building or home in an innovative yet elegant way that bring maximum amount of natural light inside. These glass partitions in Dubai are a must have for people who like bright and open spaces that does not need any artificial lighting. While eliminating the need of artificial lights, these glass partitions for houses also provide privacy, sound attenuation, decoration and impact resistance. However, glass partitions for offices are most commonly used to create an “open plan” working space that has enough light but also at the same time, have some quiet or semi-private areas. Glass partitions for bathrooms are translucent, decorative and colored laminated glass that are mostly used as an alternative for shower curtains. They also add varying degrees of light and obscurity.

Uses of Glass Partition for Offices

Glass partitions for offices are becoming the most commonly used interior design feature for offices, commercial premises and public buildings. In most workspaces they are used to:

  1. Create a certain sense of definition and differentiation to specific areas such as ‘pods’ or meeting rooms, they are considered suitable for this purpose because they don’t affect the ‘open plan’ feel of an office.
  2. We have a range of glass partitions for offices that are designed in a modular fashion out of single glass panels to create different shaped spaces and configure the separation in various ways.
  3. They gives the space a very contemporary looks by enclosing separate areas completely without restricting the light and lines of sight.
  4. In addition to that, glass partitions for offices provide a sense of having own space. And because lines of sight are open, office atmosphere feels roomier and less imposing.
  5. Glass partitions for offices offer sound insulation by providing enclosed, quiet spaces without boxing people in completely. Therefore, solving the noise related issues people have in open plan offices.

Benefits of Glass Partitions for Homes 

  • Light: Glass partition for homes significantly reduces the electricity bills by letting natural light to flow freely throughout the premises of house. However, glass partition for bathrooms are typically used as shower doors, so natural and artificial light can flow into the space and help improve visibility.
  • Less build-up: Glass partitions for bathrooms do not come with any seals around it, so there are no nooks or crannies for shampoo or soap to gather and build-up.
  • Stylish and StrikingGlass partitions for home enhance the ambiance by ten folds and work well anywhere. They make a beautiful statement in any room and add bags of character just where it’s needed.
  • Easier to clean: Cleaning bathrooms can be quite cumbersome. But with glass partitions for bathrooms, you can easily clean the shower door.
  • Noise Reduction: Glass partitions for home also offer sound insulation, keeping the noise at bay and confine it to that specific area, resulting in a more serene and calmer living environment.

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