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Handmade Rug Dubai

Handmade Rugs Dubai is creative with various good designs and colored threads to enhance the surroundings. Handmade rugs are better in quality than Machine rugs.

  1. Handmade Rugs Dubai  play a vital role to enhance the overall decor of the room or living place by using authentic hard work that not easy to copied.
  2. It rather took more time to made handmade rugs because of specific techniques like hand knotted rugs consume lot of time more than a year also but is very unique and durable that stays long time and with time more, it looks more graceful and attractive.
  3. It is always important to know from where and what type of rugs to be bought .You should buy from the right dealer who deliver you the best quality. The more density of knots, more it will be costlier. More intricate patterns demand high price because of more skills and expertise.

Handmade Rug Abu Dhabi

There are many types of rugs like :

All these all kinds of rugs can be designed in lots of colors, designs and patterns which add a value to your place.

We are specialized in handmade and custom made products one of which is handmade rugs. These are stylish looking quality products available at reasonable prices and are crafted by talented craftsmen. We can make a special Fire coating for all of our Handmade Rugs Dubai.You can experience unmatched doorstep service at hotel-furniture.ae. Our expertise will come to your home with the samples of our products and give you onsite demo having no compulsion to buy.

For more information, feel free to contact us. Send us an E-mail at info@hotel-furniture.ae or call at 00971-56-600-9626.We serve our clients all across the Jumeirah village triangle, City of Arabia, Falcon City of wonders, Global village, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Nad Al Sheba and Oman

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