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“We serve our clients across UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Al Fujairah, and Umm al Quwain”.

How do you want your home to be? 

Increasing the size of your home or changing the style and feel of its inside will drastically improve your outlook on life

Consider how your life would change if you recaptured your inefficient car park or continued your home to create a stunning cooking brunch house to host a party. Or what about spending sunny days in a bright and spacious living space, constructing a workplace so you don’t have to operate at the dining table, or constructing a space just for the children to get toys disturbance out of the entire house. how about unwinding in a sumptuous bathroom, retreating to a serene bedroom paradise Let Interior Dubai uncover the possibilities in your actual house and build a paradise that precisely reflects your family’s individuality and desired environment, whatever you choose for your homes and your household.

Do you want to hire Dubai’s best interior designers? 

You’ve arrived at the appropriate address.  We’ve got you beat, whether you’re looking for some design ideas or a specialist to point you in the proper direction. From classic traditional style to a showcase of the city’s greatest interior designers, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Would you need your new home’s interior to be embellished or your current apartment’s interior to be updated? We’ve got you beat with our final service. From beginning to end, we handle everything for you to thoroughly renovate your home.  Interior Dubai service takes care of everything for you, from consultation to pricing, and selecting materials to style them in your space. It’s simple to do and doesn’t cause any worry. Take a front-row seat and let us make the decorating decisions on your behalf, or come second and let us do it for you. We’ll do everything we can to make your request a reality.

Each client is unique, with numerous places, expenditures, demands, and layouts. We’ve refurbished much of Dubai, from a small one-bedroom apartment to a villa.

What services do we offer to our customers?

Advisory team for a consultation.

We’ll begin with a no-obligation phone session to see how we might assist you. Following that, you can schedule in-home consultation too. This is your chance to ask whatever you want. We will also get a complete design brief from you, do a style study, and create a wish list of things we’ll need to bring in to realize your design goals. We go on to the following step when most in-home consultations result in the customer requesting that we work on their home renovation.


We will be able to give you an estimate of the total expenditures following our consultation. This is based on how much time is spent anticipating working on your renovation and how much time is spent anticipating on décor and furnishing. We will give you a completed design for your area, equipped with layout possibilities, mood panels, product samples, and color schemes, if necessary. You’ll also receive a lot of creative pictures that show you how your home could appear after we’ve renovated it. We collaborate to perfect the ideas; we walk you through the plan for each area and take notes on your input. This is our plan for taking your house to the next level and making it everything you’ve always wanted it to be.

living room interior


We’ll begin speculating products for your home once you confirm the concept. Factors must be made at this phase in the process. You’ll get a full product detail sheet for each room, complete with photographs, pricing, and measurements for each item. We’ll charge you and coordinate the purchasing system with our vendors once you’ve approved the products.


We’ll come in and style the rooms once all of the things have been paid for and delivered to your home, so they can realize their absolute maximum possibilities.

Things WE  DO

Our designers are experts in creating unique personalities within commonplace spaces, resulting in greater interiors for any home or project.

Our selection and operations execution, with an emphasis on aesthetics, efficiency, and longevity, adds genuine value.

Our portfolio covers the final duration of maintenance, replacements, and refurbs, taking care of every aspect at every level and having the flexibility to measure support to make even big projects simple.

Why choose us? 

  • Interior Dubai has years of experience and expertise in this field. We have top professional and trained workers to execute whatever is in your mind. 
  • Interior Dubai has fixed, Fully detailed descriptions and information and Affordability and transparency in the pricing. 

Interior Dubai has One-stop planning and designing your interior. We covered all the areas in interior design residential or commercial. We make the best and optimum outcome.

Our Best – Selling Interiors and Fit Outs Products


Fad up with your existing carpets?  Want to get comfortable carpet and searching for the best carpets in Dubai? You are at the right place to buy carpets at interiorsdubai.ae. One can search because we have varieties in fiber types of carpet Dubai and the style to make your interior inviting and appreciating.
We do our best to satisfy your styles, patterns and colors. We provide carpets which are easy to install, non-slip, absorb sound, less noisy to walk and additional warmth underfoot in winter. Our Carpet in Dubai is the best option one can replace on the hard surface flooring


All the respected customers are welcomed to interiorsdubai.ae where we have the best flooring for our clients. We have experts and professionals who deliver you versatility of interior and exterior products with exciting patterns and colors. This is the right place where you have all the categories of flooring like Hand tufted Rugs, Mosque Carpets, Custom Sisal Rugs, Shag Rugs, vinyl flooring, wooden flooring, Customize Mats, Exhibition Carpets and Carpet Tiles. We are superlative for having the great quality product, made from best and authentic materials. To have the classy look for your outdoor and indoor Flooring, step forward and choose the quality touch for your place


Rugs are an important part of our home décor to help brighten up your room and make it attractive. They are found mostly in those spaces where there is a large percentage of hard flooring. Carpets are a little difficult to replace again and again but rugs have the specialty to be replaced in a much easier way. One should choose rugs for their floor covering based on the look and feel it gives to their interior. Where to buy rugs in Dubai is the biggest question? And the answer is interiorsdubai.ae. We are leading the best online rugs store where you assist to buy rugs with lots of benefits.


Curtains are quently disregarded, yet fundamental, completing touch to make a room feel completely enlivened and welcoming.  Curtains can change the clear size of the room. On the off chance that you need a sentiment of more space in a little room, balance your curtains in indistinguishable tones. As any interior designer will let you know, curtains do make a room, yet just when picked accurately. With regards to interiorsdubai.ae being a renowned curtains supplier in Dubai, it’s a matter of length and covering, shading and texture, and uniquely designed. We provide a couple of professionals for guidance on narrowing down the choices and choosing the correct curtains for your home.


For the sake of a smarter and easier place, blinds are used in homes, offices, showrooms and hotels. Interiorsdubai.ae are renowned manufacturers and suppliers of superior grade blinds in Dubai. Our blinds company is the only place where you get the help to modernize your interior and help change your home luxurious. We have a vast range in blinds with a variety of styles which is highly demanded by the customers. We deliver a wide gamut of blinds which is the symbol for luxury as well as a convenient way to deal with your blind. Our experts deliver the blind by utilizing ultra-modern technology and premium grade materials.

Artificial grass 

Interiorsdubai.ae for being the most demanding artificial grass suppliers in Dubai, provides Best Quality Artificial Grass. We are the one who supply the top quality of Artificial turf that gives you a Natural & Garden life look. We have experts who specialize in pink artificial grass in Dubai. For installation, you will find the best and authorize suppliers by us. We are proud to be with Competitive Prices & Fast Installation in the online market. Our soccer field grass is also the best option to choose, if you need grass for playgrounds. Moreover, artificial grass is best for backyards and big lawns.

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