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Custom Dividers for your Customized Needs

Home is not just a shelter, you need spaces that are designed in a way that provide a private space for a different purpose. Not all the standard size room dividers can do that job perfectly, and hence, you need custom dividers within the home. To make this a bit easier for you, we design custom room dividers for sale that can be used as partition walls to divide one room in two-parts or separating one room from another room. 

We design and develop custom dividers as non-load bearing walls that may be of a collapsible, folding, or fixed kind as per your choice. We also offer load bearing type called as ‘internal wall’ custom dividers.

Reasons to have Custom Dividers

  • You can divide the big areas into a separate room by having a customized room divider for sale and use each space for its defined purpose.
  • Custom dividers are designed exactly as per your measurements and needs, therefore provide optimal privacy from sound and sight.
  • We offer custom room dividers for sale that are light in weight and cheaper in cost.
  • The best part about having custom divider is that they occupy a lesser area and can be easily constructed in any position or shape.

Most Commonly Used Custom Room Dividers for Sale

Customized Glass Dividers

Glass partitions or dividers are light, easy and economical to construct and provides reasonable privacy and sound insulation. These custom dividers are constructed using glass sheet or hollow glass blocks to offer great aesthetics. We design custom room dividers for sale that are damp, sound, and warmth proof as well as, simple to wash and maintain. Sheets of glass are fastened within the framework of either wood or metal to construct these partitions.

  • Plaster Slab Room Dividers

A plaster slab or plasterboard that is made from burnt gypsum or plaster of Paris is mixed with sawdust or other fibrous material to reduce its weight. Precast units of plaster slab are constructed in an iron or timber mound with different sizes of 1 to 2m long with 30cm length and 50 to 100mm width. Suitable grooves are used to create rigid joints in this plaster slab custom dividers.

Portable Room Dividers 

Portable custom room dividers for sale are basically the rolling mobile folding partitions that can temporarily separate the room into two parts. It consists of two full panel end members which provide it support, rigidity, privacy, and noise reduction. You can fold these custom dividers to enable mobility and storage.

Straw Board Room Dividers

Custom room divider for sale that are made of straw boards are useful when the transference of partitions is frequent. This type of custom divider is composed of compressed straw-covered thick paper or hardboard. They are also heat and sound proof as well as easy to construct.

We offer great creative designs and exquisite styles custom dividers that are designed with respect to the suitability and needs of your home. Apart from providing you custom room divider for sale, we deliver and install it to perfection as well!

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