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Doormats in Dubai are an ideal way to welcome your guests in a pleasant and friendly manner.  Durable and attractive doormats in Abu Dhabi not only cheer the entrance to any space but also offer many benefits. Our product line includes a huge collection of doormats in Dubai, you can also buy doormats online through our e-store. We assure you that doormats online collection is as well made and of high quality as our rest of the range.

Different Types of Doormats 

  1. Personalized Doormats – You can buy doormats online as well as shop them from our showroom.  These doormats in Dubai are a great way to create a good impact on arrival to entrance area, while giving optimal protection to the floor. Personalized doormats online mostly have a customized quote or message printed on them to add a distinct appeal. Our doormats in Dubai provide you high quality doormats to keep your indoors clean while creating a powerful welcome to your doorstep.
  2. Branded doormats in Abu Dhabi – We provide you the freedom to choose from our range of branded door mats in Dubai that are available in various sizes and shapes such as, circular, rectangular or square. Buy doormats online because they are made with anti-slip feature, which means the chances of slipping would be eliminated. They also have a rubber backing that acts as a cushion and reduce the friction between mat and floor surface.
  3. Commercial doormats – Commercial doormats in Dubai are also customized door mats that have business logo printed on them. These type of doormats in Abu Dhabi are ideal for reception, entrance, hallways, and exits throughout the industrial and commercial spaces such as educational institutions, offices, hospitals, local or international retail shops, bars, restaurants and hotels.

Specifications of Doormats Online Collection

  • You can easily buy doormats online without worrying about their quality. Our doormat online collection is made with durable commercial grade polyester fabric and one of a kind, art dye-print technology, which gives them strength and durability like no other doormat.
  • Quality construction of our doormats in Dubai ensures safe, anti-slip and strong rubber backing to maximize their durability.
  • Doormats available online can be cleaned easily with mild soap and an outdoor hose, no need for bleaching or harsh chemical detergents. 
  • Our doormats in Abu Dhabi are suitable for both indoor and outdoor application.
  • Our doormats have a special quality of being stain proof, they are furnished with a stain protector that shields them against stains.
  • We also provide water proof doormats in Dubai with a rubber backing to make them water and slip-proof.

We recommend you to buy doormats online to avail our discounted offers. For more information, you can contact our representative. 

In case you want customize doormats in Abu Dhabi our team will help you sort through various designs and choose the doormats that perfectly meets your needs. Call us and book a visit with our customer care representative to see the samples and share your ideas and measurements.

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