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Give your Home a new Look with Gypsum Board Partitions

Having a large home with open rooms or a spacious studio apartment, a lot of space is left unused. To utilize all that spare space in an aesthetically pleasing way, gypsum board partitions are used. They reshape the entire interior, dividing up the space in an innovative and beautiful manner. Gypsum board partition prices are very less in comparison of how efficiently they utilize the space. We supply gypsum board partitions in Dubai that can give your home a different look within style, they are considered a homemade problem solver as you can also get them in personalized designs. Gypsum board partitions are not only functional but can make also your home so much more interesting in look and feel. Let’s take a look at some functional applications and gypsum board partition prices.

Qualities of Gypsum Board Partitions in Dubai

  1. Gypsum board partition is the new and efficient way of refurbishing existing walls. And the best part is, these partitions are excellent combination of traditional and new building method, therefore can complement all styles of home well. 
  2. Gypsum board partitions in Dubai are manufactured with durable galvanized steel that are cladded with gypsum board sheets. Gypsum board partition prices are more affordable and budgeting friendly in comparison to wooden partitions, while at the same time providing a safer and fire resistive wall. 
  3. We have made maintenance of gypsum board partition easy by the removable nature of the system. And our range of gypsum board partition in Dubai is mobile so relocating them is not very difficult. 
  4. There are many factors that influence gypsum boards partitions’ prices, such as the material used in its construction and base. They are also half in weight of the normal weight of concrete wall. 
  5. Also, in addition to that, if you need renovation that includes gypsum board partitions, then it can be carried out easily without any disturbance to the building structure.
  6. We have developed gypsum board partitions in Dubai, with thermal and acoustic insulation features that create a safer and quite atmosphere.
  7. Moreover, it is easier to further decorate gypsum board partitions either painting or using wallpaper of your desired preference.

Advantages of using Gypsum Board Partitions

  1. Gypsum board partitions prices are cost effective and better alternative for brick and wooden wall partitions.
  2. Gypsum board partitions easily accommodate the electrical cables that come in the way. 
  3. They provides smooth, seamless and crack-free wall surfaces at affordable cost.
  4. Lightweight, flame resistant, and quakeproof surface.
  5. Most efficient and fastest way to refurbish existing walls.
  6. Easy and quick installation using nails or screws.
  7. Gypsum board partitions in Dubai come with acoustic, sound and heat insulation properties.

From delivery to installation, we help you with all. In case you would like to see samples we will bring that to your doorstep, too.

If you have any queries about our gypsum board partitions in Dubai, you can give us a call at 056-600-9626 or email us at

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