How to Clean Curtains?

Curtains are the need of the time, they not only resist the sun rays from entering the room but also provide beauty, elegance and privacy. Usually good quality curtains don’t fade early but even if they do, they are very easy to clean with some simple steps and techniques involved. It is advisable to clean your curtains daily with the vacuum cleaner to increase their durability. The complete step by step explanation of curtain cleaning is described in this article so stay tuned till the end to get complete information and detail about it.

Complete step by step detailing of carpet cleaning is described below:

  • Measure before washing:

You should measure curtains before washing in case you need to stretch them back into their actual shape. Be sure to remove any weights and hooks, and for their flat lie loosen the tapes.


  • Dust them with a dryer set:

Dust them by running them through a dryer set to the no-heat cycle, before dying the curtain cleaning or another option is to shake them out, lay them on a bed, and dust them with the vacuum brush attachment.


  • Don’t overload the machine:

Please remember that curtains will become heavier when wet so don’t overload the washing machine. Add weight that can easily be washed.


  • Don’t rub the fabric:

If hand-washing, don’t wring or rub the fabric or any material involved; just agitate it gently.


  • Dry over two parallel lines:

For the reason that wet surfaces don’t touch, try to dry curtains over two parallel lines. But keep in mind that don’t rest them on the wood, it can stain them.


  • Iron it: 

Iron the curtains which are being washed while damping along the length on the vertical side that doesn’t show. If fabric parts have dried already,  you should dampen the entire curtain again to avoid watermarks.


  • Stretch while ironing:

Afterwards, Stretch them gently while ironing to avoid puckering, then strengthen them out on a clean surface, such as a bed, and pull them to the correct size.


  • Insert hook and weights:

When curtains become dry you should insert weights and hooks, and pull the tape to the correct width.


  • Use handheld steamer:

You might use a handheld steamer or the vertical steaming of a regular steam iron to smooth the curtains before hanging them, these aid in a lot of benefits.


  • Clean valances on the wall:

Before rehanging the cleaned curtains on the wall, it is advisable to clean valances fixed to the wall. 


  • Rehang the curtains:

Rehanging the curtains is the last way of this complete procedure and it becomes easiest when one person stands on a ladder to insert the strands and another hook below to make sure the curtains don’t drag on the floor.

This article will be your best guide as we have completely explained about the tips and techniques one should involve while cleaning their curtains.