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Kitchen Vinyl Flooring – The Ideal Flooring Option!

A kitchen is a space which is always bustling with activity and is commonly considered the heart of the home. Therefore the flooring of the kitchen demands extra sturdy and heavy duty materials that are also water proof because even the most cautious and tidy ones among us cannot avoid food spillages or the odd splash of water. In consideration to all of this. We have introduced kitchen vinyl flooring in Dubai that is capable to cope with all the hustle and bustle that a kitchen endures. Kitchen vinyl flooring is an excellent choice because it not only offers a hard core, hygienic and easy to clean surface but is also one of the finest quality of flooring. We are offering a wide collection of designs of kitchen vinyl flooring in Abu Dhabi that compliment traditional as well as modern tastes.

Different styles of kitchen vinyl flooring 

If you are assuming that kitchen vinyl flooring in Dubai comes only in one style then you are absolutely wrong because we have got a plenty of choices for you. Here a few of the most commonly used styles of kitchen vinyl flooring in Abu Dhabi;

  1. Vinyl flooring tiles for kitchen
  2. Rolled Vinyl for kitchen
  3. Vinyl flooring planks for kitchen

Each of these styles offer a unique grace and beauty that mimics the real wood, stone, or a more contemporary tile design. Kitchen vinyl flooring is not only soft and warm to the touch but also the easiest to maintain.

What to avoid on kitchen vinyl flooring?

Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the surface of kitchen vinyl flooring in Abu Dhabi because they may lead to discoloration and damage of floors.

  1. Avoid dropping objects with pointy edges like knife or another sharply pointed piece, because it can result in either scratches or punctures.
  2. Make sure to not place any rubber mats on kitchen vinyl flooring because prolonged contact of rubber with vinyl often results in a chemical reaction leading to discoloration.
  3. While cleaning make sure to vacuum the dirt and soil on the corners as it gives a messy and untidy look.

What are the advantages of using kitchen vinyl flooring in Abu Dhabi?

  1. It is durable and an ideal option for heavy duty kitchens.
  2. Our range of kitchen vinyl flooring in Dubai imitates the look of expensive flooring at very low cost. In short, you can choose designs and colors that might not have been available to you otherwise while sticking to your budget.
  3. It is easier to clean, occasional sweeping and mopping will be enough for its maintenance.
  4. Kitchen vinyl flooring is also water and slip-proof.
  5. The installation of kitchen vinyl flooring in Abu Dhabi is super easy as well.

How to order kitchen vinyl flooring in Dubai?

The process of reaching out to us is extremely simple, just call or email us on the below given details and we will get back to you shortly! Along with delivery and installation services, our team will also level your subfloor using a specialized liquid, which makes leveling very easy before installation of kitchen vinyl flooring.

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