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Latest Designs Linen Curtains Abu Dhabi & And Dubai

If you frequently change the aesthetic of your home or want a diverse look, linen makes an excellent foundation for your window treatment design. The linen curtains are also environmentally beneficial because they don’t get dirty as frequently. It indicates that while they only need to be washed once per month, they shouldn’t be washed often. As window coverings are a significant investment, you must have questions regarding the types of linen curtain designs, curtain materials, or how to install linen curtains with blackout lining. 

Key Advantages Of Linen Curtains

  • The traditional fabric for comfort and luxury is linen. It is particularly true of linen curtains, which have an excellent drape. Adding a wonderful splash is simple by introducing them to a bedroom, living area, or dining room.
  • Whether you choose a cloth that has been dyed or the plain color of linen, there is a crisp, clean charm. 
  • While maintaining privacy gives the impression that the space is much brighter. When the curtains are closed but the window is open, the natural weave also allows a lot of fresh air.
  • Additionally, proper insulation in the winter, linen curtains can lower your heating costs. It’s a terrific method to “go green” in the home because the cloth is durable and eco-friendly.
  • The simple maintenance of linen includes professional dry cleaning and home machine washing. With each wash, it gets softer and has more personality.


Different Types Of Linen Curtains 

Depending on the aesthetic you desire for your house, and whether you want them to be more decorative or useful, there are many different linen curtain styles available. Among the most well-liked are:

  • Rod pocket linen curtains

Each curtain panel has a casing sewed onto the top that is large enough to fit over a thin pole. Rod pocket linen curtains are typically better suited when you don’t want to open or close the curtains frequently because the gap is typically relatively small.

  • Linen curtains with pencil pleats

Curtains with pencil pleats offer classic elegance. The name refers to the tightly collected cloth that forms at the top of a curtain when gathered along a rod or track. You may add some extra flair to your linen curtains, such as ruffles or pom-pom edges.

  • Lace curtains with tab tops

Any space gets a nice, casual look from these linen curtains. Tab top linen curtains are also renowned for draping nicely and evenly, and generous loops of cloth over the rod are readily gathered in.

  • Linen curtains with ties

Linen curtains with ties are another option. This style of the curtain gives a space a pleasantly fun and relaxed appearance. Perfect for a contemporary or Scandinavian-inspired decor. They go well with lovely linen tie-backs.

linen curtains

Why Choose Linen Curtains From Interiors Dubai?

Linen curtains from Interiors Dubai are anti-allergic. They keep your room clean and free of germs by preventing the entry of other spores and bacteria. Our curtains dissipate heat five times faster than ordinary fabric curtains, helping to keep the air in your room cool. Our pre-stitched, pure linen curtains, with their distinct texture and fall, give any room in your house a dimension. Choose from our hallmark colors inspired by ground textures. They are long-lasting and simple to maintain. As always, we’re pleased to make these single curtains to your specifications if necessary. 


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