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marble wall cladding

Marble Wall Cladding – No.1 Curtain Shop Dubai

Whenever man discovered the art of building, architecture has been undergoing constant evolution, advancement, and invention. One of the most radical shifts has been in the way structures are adorned from the outside. In reality, wall cladding has long been employed as a kind of visual art. However, its use today extends beyond the aesthetic aspect to complement a structure in the areas of safety, effectiveness, and longevity. As a result of the growing demand and awareness for sustainability in construction, the Indian wall cladding market is evolving all along lines of ethical business practices.

What is marble wall cladding?

 Marble cladding is a covering used on constructions constructed of thin marble panels. Marble can be expensive majorly due to the difficulty of producing this stone, and it can be applied to a variety of contexts. Marble cladding can be placed over a wide range of construction substances, and it is easy to modify a structure to add or remove marble cladding as needed. Marble is a sedimentary rock that has been coveted for millennia as a building and artistic material. It is well known for its ability to take polish and can range in intensity according to the impurities contained in the rock.  

marble wall cladding

Provide Superior Defense for your wall!

The much more basic function of marble wall cladding is to give superior structural protection. It improves a structure’s tensile stability, resilience of cracking during temperature changes, lowers water absorption, protection to sunshine, and resistance to atmospheric and chemical pollutants.

It is very resistant to heat !

Marble wall claddings, like natural stones, are extremely heat resistant since they can collect and emancipate radiation continuously, allowing the climate of something like the interiors to stay gentle and consistent. Because marble wall cladding is – anti in nature, it shields the building from natural elements such as excessive rainfall or sunlight, which can deteriorate a structure’s longevity.

Have an excellent aesthetic look !

It can immediately take your place to a new level, displaying it to your neighbours as a more valuable home – it can enhance value when you sell your property. If done correctly, you would also sell your house faster. Our cladding is available in a variety of sizes and colours in our store. This means you may match this to the rest of the home to exterior cladding, giving your property a more finished look. Our advice is to try to match your cladding to your windows or other property elements.

marble wall cladding

Does it have minimal maintenance?

In today’s environment, one of the most significant advantages of many of the goods we purchase is that they require little upkeep. The less time you spend on something, the more time you have to do other activities which are more important. This is particularly true for cladding. Cladding is extremely durable and it has a specific pattern that makes it easier to maintain. You don’t have to paint it as you would with masonry and then repaint it when a specific amount of time has passed. All all have to do is fetch a hose & spray it up to get rid of any dirt that has accumulated

Why choose us?

Interior Dubai provides unbiased advise on any problem, and our customers’ satisfaction is our first priority. To avoid squandering money on an inappropriate item for you home, our expert advisors will come into your home and provide you with the essential help. Everyone loves to decorate your homes, therefore we’ll assist you in selecting the best stone wall cladding and demonstrating where to place it so that it may work with you to create a comfortable environment. So let us change your home it in to something unique and aesthetically beautiful.

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