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Parquet Flooring – Flat 50% OFF

You may have a few options when deciding on the flooring for your area. Choose parquet flooring if you want to redefine your space or give it an urban feel. Because of its carefully placed geometric patterns, parquet wood flooring has traditionally been regarded as having an upscale appearance.

Plank can occasionally be genuinely fascinating. A lovely effect is produced by lovely woods, from ash and oak to European walnut and beech, as well as by distinctive, varied grading and a wide range of colours. Each floor has a satin-matt sheen and a UV-hardened oil surface that makes it durable and simple to maintain.

What is Parquet Flooring?

When referring to a type of flooring, the term “parquet” describes how very small wood slats are arranged in recognisable, repeating patterns. The wooden scraps are typically cut into tiles of various shapes and then installed so that each piece contributes to a larger coordinated pattern that covers the entire floor. A large portion of your building’s space is taken up by the floors. They must therefore appear sophisticated.

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What are the advantages of using Parquet Flooring?

We advise parquet floors if you want to add visual flair to your floor while preserving the classic appeal of wooden floors. Parquet flooring, a long-time favourite, uses wooden blocks or tiles to arrange geometric designs.

Along with being beautiful, parquet flooring is also simple to fix and refinish if it is damaged. It offers simple tile repairs while refinishing like wood (because that’s what it is). There are no longboards or tricky repairs like on traditional hardwood flooring!

What to do if your Parquet Flooring suffers wear and tear?

You can refinish your parquet wooden floor tiles if they have incurred some wear and tear over time, such as fading brought on by sunlight exposure or scratches and scuffs from high foot traffic. Remember that after making repairs, your parquet flooring tiles need to be refinished. It’s not as easy as just refinishing the damaged tiles or blocks when refinishing parquet flooring; there are several steps involved.

How can I maintain my parquet floor?

Your parquet floor will be better shielded from water damage if you install a moisture barrier. Once the floor is set up, make sure to regularly sweep, dust, mop, and vacuum it. Be cautious not to use too much water, though. Additionally, you should be cautious not to over wax or use chemical cleaners as these can harm the floor and dull its appearance. If you have pets, make sure to regularly trim their nails to avoid scratches.

How can I prevent dark spots on my parquet floor?

Dark spots are most frequently caused by furniture, carpets, and rugs. Occasionally rotating them will guarantee even sun exposure. Applying polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer can also help shield the wood from being harmed by UV rays.

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