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We are the Experts in Laminate Flooring Installation 

Being a flooring company, providing installation services is our primary goal. We deal with all kinds of flooring including wood flooring installation, parquet flooring installation, laminate flooring installation, vinyl flooring installation and many others.

We have a team of experts who are trained in all kinds of flooring while at the same time, they are also familiar with our products, therefore, you installation is done in the best way so it could last for decades. Here’s a short guide of flooring installation services provided by us.

All you need to know about Wood Flooring Installation

Wood flooring installation is usually considered the difficult among all flooring options but it is a piece of cake for our expert installers. Since we have designed the wood flooring with a strong and rigid core, they can be easily installed with minimum preparations over the toughest subfloors as well as, over large areas without any T-moldings. We perform wood flooring installation in such a way that it can stand against anything thrown its way. 

We also provide our valuable customers with many other installation services such as laminate flooring installation and vinyl flooring installation.

The not so complicated process of Parquet Flooring Installation

  • Although, parquet flooring installation does not carry a hefty weight but still needs certain skills to complete the task efficiently just like laminate flooring installation. 
  • Parquet flooring installation can be glued down to the surface without the need of any hammering and nailing. 
  • It is similar to ceramic tiles installation in a way that it can be installed on a wooden or concrete floor.
  • But in case of uneven floors parquet flooring installation requires the leveling of floor using a premixed floor leveler. After that, an adhesive glue is used to put the blocks together and sanding is done. 

Where to get Laminate Flooring Installation from?

If you purchase from us, we send a team with high level of experience to install your floors in the best possible way. Because familiarity and understanding of the product is necessary for optimal results, that’s why we have trained our installers in a way that they are fully aware of each and every speck of laminate flooring installation, vinyl flooring installation as well as wood flooring installation. 

The best Vinyl Flooring Installation services

We provide the best Vinyl flooring installation that ensure optimal results for longer period.

  1. Professional assistance is also given while choosing flooring option.
  2. Door step delivery and installation services are all part of our package.
  3. We bring everything from tools to supplies that are required for vinyl flooring installation.
  4. Our expert team plan your flooring layout beforehand to avoid any inconvenience and mishap later on.
  5. Leveling or removing the previous subfloor is also done prior to vinyl flooring installation.
  6. We cut and trim all the planks carefully with exact measurements to ensure your vinyl flooring installation is done correctly.

Oh, and one more thing, we requires no acclimation and install it the same day you buy it!

So call us now to book yourself a visit. 

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