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Beautify your Bed with our Valances Skirting!

We understand you love to decorate your home, so we go an extra mile to make your décor journey more pleasant. While decorating your entire home with the different elements, why not add something unique and antique within your bedroom? We have come up with an array of valances skirting designs to give each bed a special and different treatment from the other. We have designed our range of valances skirting in Dubai to give your furniture a crisp and classic touch while transforming the complete look and feel of a room. They hide the base and bottom of your bed just like a skirt, therefore it is called valances skirting. To give each bedding the right treatment it truly deserves, we stock a wide collection of valances skirting to suit your style and taste.

Different Types of Valances Skirting in Dubai

Valances skirting are an ideal option to give your bed a neat and tidy finishing touch. It creates a clean, pleated drape around the bottom edges of the bed in such a way that conceals all the under-bed storage and the stuff you have shoved under there! We have several different types of valances skirting in Dubai to add the finishing touch to your bedroom, some of them are listed below.

  • Base Valances skirting usually fits under the mattress and covers the bottom of a bed. 
  • Sheet Valances skirting fits overs the mattress in such a way that it covers both the mattress and the base of the bed, acting as the fitted sheet as well as the valance skirting.
  • Box Pleated Base Valances fit under your mattress and down to the floor, this of valances skirting in Dubai are available in different materials, like poly cotton, percale and pure cotton.
  • Easy Fit Valances Skirting are a great if you own a very heavy mattress that is hard to lift because they fit around the base of the bed and can be put on and off with ease, in order to clean or change the valances. 
  • Divan Base Wrap Valances are the right thing to use if you are tired of your divan bed or just have had enough of trying to iron awkward valances.

Our Specifications

  1. Valances skirting are used to give furniture a stylish appearance.
  2. We offer the best quality of valances skirting in Dubai at the most competitive price.
  3. Apart from making your dream room a reality, these valances skirting also make your room seem smarter and classier with a stylish touch.
  4. We stock a wide range of valances skirting to match your style and needs, from modern look to a royal one.
  5. We can also make custom made valances skirting that perfectly suits your needs. 

In case you are not sure about which type of valances skirting to choose, our consultants can help you choose the one that suits your bed and the décor. To avail our amazing services, you can reach out to us at the below given details, we would love to hear from you!

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