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Vertical Blinds – Exclusive Sale


In contrast to other blind styles, vertical blinds run vertically rather than horizontally, as their name implies. Due to their design, which enables them to open out on both sides, they are particularly excellent for installation in wide spaces. This makes it easy if you want to open them up and walk between them through a door or barrier.

Additionally, because vertical blinds’ vanes may open and close at various angles, you can adapt the lighting to your preferences and create a variety of effects. Vertical blinds can be used to protect privacy inside and to add a calming, romantic feel to any space.

The advantages of vertical blinds

1. Excellent light adjustment

For areas where you want to be able to control the lighting levels, vertical blinds are fantastic. As a result, changing the angle of the vanes is simple, allowing you to alter the quantity of light that passes through. Vertical blinds can be used to increase natural light entry or block out light from the outside.

  • Indoor privacy

It’s crucial to create seclusion indoors. Vertical blinds, which block outside views by covering your windows or doors, fortunately make this straightforward. Their sheer construction not only lets light in but also aids in protecting your privacy.

vertical blinds
Styling Bregje Nix

  • Suitable for large areas and easy to move aside

Vertical blinds are fantastic for use in vast spaces, as previously noted. Vertical blinds are a fantastic option, for instance, if you have floor to ceiling windows, enormous windows along one wall, or possibly glazed doors like French or bifold doors.

They have a design that makes it simple to open the blinds so you may pass through any door where they hang or access a window.

  • Easy to match any interior style

Vertical blinds are an excellent alternative for any home design style because they are available in a variety of colours.

Additionally, the blinds’ design is very neutral, making it simple to match them to your décor, especially if you select a sheer material that allows light to pass through.

Installing Vertical Blinds

  • Mark the locations of the brackets at the headrail’s base, setting a distance of four inches between each bracket and the ends. Ensure that the bottom rail is 2 1/4 inches from the floor and 1 7/8 inches from the window’s bottom.

  • The locations where the headrail and brackets will go on the wall should be marked. Drill the holes then. By suitably tightening the bolts, fasten the mounting clips to the brackets. Keep in mind that the middle clip should be positioned around 2 inches from the wall.

By slipping the front edge into the mounting clamps and rotating back, you may position the head rail. Open the cord weight after releasing the head rail with a screwdriver.vertical blinds

  • Push the weight components together as you wrap the control cord around the guides. Turn the stems to provide a clear view through the slots, insert the louvres, and then pull down to connect the louvre to the stem hook. After that, insert the valance into the clips by placing the valance clip towards the end of the head rail.

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