Prayer Mats

Prayer Mats

Prayer mat – More than a plain mat

Muslims are frequently observed bowing and prostrating on little weaved prayer mats, called “supplication mats.” For those new to the utilization of these floor coverings, they may look like little “oriental rugs,” or basically pleasant bits of weaving. 

Utilization of prayer mats Dubai and prayer mats Abu Dhabi

During Islamic prayers, admirers bow, bow and prostrate on the ground in modesty before God. The main prerequisite in Islam is that supplications be performed in a territory that is spotless. Prayer mats are not generally utilized by Muslims, nor explicitly required in Islam. In any case, they have turned into a conventional path for some Muslims to guarantee the tidiness of their place of supplication, and to make a detached space to pack in prayer. 

Prayer mats Dubai and prayer mats Abu Dhabi by are more often than not around one meter (or three feet) in length, only enough for a grown-up to fit easily on when bowing or prostrating. Present day, economically created prayer mats by are frequently built from silk or cotton. 

While a few floor coverings are made in strong hues, they are generally embellished. The plans are frequently geometric, botanical, arabesque, or delineate Islamic tourist spots, for example, the Ka’aba in Mecca or Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. They are generally planned with the goal that the carpet has an unequivocal “top” and “base”, the base is the place the admirer stands, and the top focuses towards the bearing of prayer. 

At the point when the opportunity for supplication comes, the performer lays the mat on the ground, with the goal that the top focuses towards the course of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. After prayer, the mat is quickly collapsed or rolled and set away for the following use. This guarantees prayer mats stays clean. 

The Arabic word for a supplication carpet is “sajada,” which originates from a similar root word as “masjed” (mosque) and “sujud” (surrender). 

Our prayer mats Dubai and prayer mats Abu Dhabi are exceptionally made to give the most extreme advantages like improving your wellbeing, joints, and in your Salah. Which is why is the place where to buy prayer mats in Dubai.

  • Joint Issues – We comprehended that during the time spent making our Prayer mats Dubai and prayer mats Abu Dhabi we needed to ensure it was extra agreeable to constrain the weight on your joints. The 8mm thickness would help limit the weight on your joints from your hands, lower legs and to your knees any place you perform Salah. 
  • Salah – You’ve most likely experienced imploring on hard surfaces like hard wood floors or asked on concrete wherein the customary dainty supplication carpets didn’t do equity to your joints bringing about scurrying your Salah because of the pressure. Thus, The Prayer mats Dubai and prayer mats Abu Dhabi are made to restrict the interruption from your Salah.

Why us? produces mosque products to provide the spiritual atmosphere within the mosque. Not only that the products tend to provide a long term effect as well. 

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