Shaggy Rugs


Decorate Your Home With Amazing Shaggy Rugs 

With only a few decades of availability, wall-to-wall carpeting was still a relatively new phenomenon, and there was a strong want to investigate. Shag carpeting was perfect for a generation experimenting with and going through a cultural shift because of its odd and unorthodox appearance. Shags started appearing in various colours due to trials in production, which inspired people to get creative, resulting in typical 1970s greens and oranges. During this time, shag rugs were more than just carpets; they also represented a dance and a hairstyle. The fluffy shag style dominated the era.

Emergence Of Shaggy Rugs

The deep, thick pile of a shag rug gives the carpet a shaggy appearance, hence the name. The area of the rug that faces up from the backing is called the pile, and it is typically made of yarn strands or upright loops. The shag rug is a popular cultural icon from the 1970s that has recently gained fresh appeal. Although there is a strong association between shag rugs and the 1960s and 1970s, these carpet options are far older. The first shag carpets, Flokati, were woven in ancient Greece from goat hair. These Flokati carpets served the dual function of providing comfortable seating on the ground and keeping feet warm. In Turkey and Central Asia, where they were used to embellish palaces and were prized by royalty, shag carpets were especially well-liked. Whatever its current standing, the shag carpet has a lengthy and interesting history.


Shaggy Rugs’ Advantages

  • Wonderful design patterns 

The design patterns for these rugs come in a wide variety. They are more enticing because of the variety of designs. The most common ones, nevertheless, are the geometric Shag rugs, which give any room additional dimension. However, you can consider further designs for them. The market is flooded with abstract patterns. Additionally, these rugs could include floral motifs and animal skin patterns like leopard or cheetah prints.

  • Several Special Materials

The material used to create shag carpets distinguishes them from other rugs, among other things. These plush carpets are available in wool, acrylic, polypropylene, faux fur, and other materials. Each rug has a unique quality, regardless of the material, it is constructed of. It gives each rug a unique feel as a result.


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